The responsibility of caring for an animal comes with regular expenses, including routine care such as spay/neuter and vaccinations.  The prices listed below are approximate, and may vary depending on the needs of each pet. For additional information, please call 250-562-5556 or email us at pgclinic@spca.bc.ca.

Payment is due at the time of service.  We accept Cash, Debit, MasterCard and Visa.  We do NOT accept cheques. Gift certificates are available in any denomination.

Surgery Prices

All of our spay/neuter prices include a nail trim, take home pain medication, and a microchip with a 1 year membership in the BC Pet Registry. E-Collars are an extra $10-25 +tax depending on the size required.

IV fluids are available at an additional cost of $30, which is optional for young, healthy pets. Fluids may be required for older or higher risk pets. A lifetime upgrade to the microchip registration is available for an additional 33$.


Female – Spay

Less than 10 kg (22 lbs) – $210.00
10-30 kg (22-66 lbs) – $265.00
30.1-45 kg (66.1-99 lbs) – $320.00
More than 45 kg (99lbs) – $400.00

***Please note that the clinic does not spay dogs in heat. If a dog is found to be in-heat, pregnant or obese during surgery, there will be an additional fee of $20-60.

Male – Neuter

Less than 10 kg (22 lbs) – $195.00
10-30 kg (22-66 lbs) – $220.00
30.1-45 kg (66.1-99 lbs) – $275.00
More than 45 kg (99lbs) – $310.00
Inguinal Cryptorchid – add $45.00


Female – Spay

All sizes – $115.00
If pregnant or obese, add $10-20

Male – Neuter

All sizes – $85.00
Inguinal Cryptorchid – add $30.00


A basic exam is required each time vaccines are administered. The total cost of a vaccine appointment will be the exam fee plus the cost of each vaccine given by the veterinarian.

Fee for vaccine exam – $25.00
Fee per vaccine – $32.00

Exam & one vaccine – $57.00
Exam & two vaccines – $89.00
Exam & three vaccines – $121.00

For dogs, the core combination DA2PPv (distemper/parvo), and Rabies vaccinations are recommended for all regardless of lifestyle. Bordetella (kennel cough) is recommended for dogs that spend time in kennels, grooming facilities, & dog parks, or otherwise are around lots of other dogs.

For cats, the core combination of FVRCP (feline parvo/upper respiratory), and Rabies vaccinations are recommended for all regardless of lifestyle. Feline Leukemia is recommended for young cats that spend time outdoors unsupervised and may be encountering or fighting with other cats.

In general, puppies and kittens will need a series of 2-4 vaccinations given approximately 4 weeks apart, and adults are vaccinated every 1-3 years depending on their lifestyle and the vaccines given.


De-worming medications are available at an extra charge at the time of your pets’ appointment. The exact price varies depending on the product dispensed along with the weight and age of the pet, but in general the price will be as follows:

Puppies and kittens < 5 months old – $15 +tax

Adult cats <8kg (17.6lbs) – $28 +tax

Adult dogs – $22-54 +tax

Micro-chipping Services

Permanent ID is essential for reuniting lost pets with their owners. All of our microchips are registered in the BC Pet Registry, an online database with 24/7 access to vet clinics and shelters across the province.

Microchip Implantation + Lifetime registration – $57

Upgrade to Lifetime registration with surgery – $33