Subsidized Spay Neuter Program for Cats

Thanks to the generous support of the Vancouver Hospital Trust Fund, the Prince George Spay Neuter Clinic now offers subsidized spays and neuters for  cats owned by low income guardians. This program will ensure that more cats get the basic care they need – eligible guardians will pay a portion of the fees and the trust fund covers the remainder.

Download the application package here:  Subsidized Cat Surgery Application Package

Please note: If you plan to apply for this program – DO NOT use the “Book Appointment” button on our website or call the clinic – you must fill out a paper application and submit it as per the included instructions.


· This program is open to cats only, one per household
· Feral (wild) or barn cats are not eligible at this time
· Applicants must be 19 years of old or older and must meet the low income qualifications based on Stats Canada guidelines. Proof of income is required – accepted documents include pay stubs, T4 or tax return receipt, child tax documents, social/disability/income assistance. Other documents may be accepted if none of these are available.

Household income 1 person 2 Persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 persons 6 Person 7 Persons 8+ persons
After Tax income $26,570 $37,576 $46,021 $53,140 $59,412 $65,083 $70,298 $75,151

How to apply

Completed applications along with proof of income attached can be emailed to the clinic at anytime, or dropped off in person Monday to Friday between 1:45pm-3:45pm only. Incomplete applications will not be considered.  

Application processing takes approximately 7 business days – once approved the program coordinator will call you to set up an appointment. If you miss this call, the coordinator will leave a voicemail with the approval and an application number. To make an appointment, you can call the clinic or submit a web request online on our website as long as you refer to your approved application number. Please note that application approvals are only good for 14 business days after we initially contact you – if you don’t hear back from you during this time your spot will be given to the next applicant.

What’s Included

All cats will receive a pre-surgical exam, spay or neuter, nail trim, FVRCP vaccine, parasite treatment (if needed), and a microchip with a 1-year membership in the BC Pet Registry.

***The cost to the applicant is $50.00 per cat***

Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, debit, Visa and MasterCard. An additional fee of $9.00 applies if you would like your cat to go home with an e-collar (cone) to prevent licking after surgery (highly recommended).

Medical Exclusions

All patients will be examined prior to surgery, and cats with heart murmurs and undescended testicles will not be eligible for surgery at the clinic. Other medical issues may also prevent us from accepting your cat for surgery – if this occurs the program coordinator and/or veterinarian will discuss options on a case by case basis.

Appointment Instructions

All cats participating in this program need to be dropped off at 8am in a carrier or box. If you do not have a carrier, we do have some available to borrow.  Cats must not have any food or treats after midnight and they must stay indoors the night before their appointment. Water is allowed. Cats that do not fast or are left outside overnight will not be accepted for surgery.