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Booking Information – Vaccines


Vaccine appointments are available in the afternoons on most days Monday to Thursday; we do not offer mornings or Fridays.

Requests for vaccine appointments can be made at any time. We recommend contacting us at least 1-2 months in advance for annual booster vaccinations, and as soon as possible when acquiring a new puppy or kitten.

If your pet has already been seen at our clinic and you are looking to book a vaccine appointment, you can do so through the “Book an Appointment” form on our website, by emailing us at, or by calling and leaving a voicemail at 250-562-5556.

If we haven’t seen your pet before, you will need to use the “Book an Appointment” form on our website so that we can enter their information into our system.

For new patients, we kindly ask that you bring any paperwork from previous vaccinations with you to the initial appointment, and/or request that your regular vet send over a copy of your pets’ records in advance.

Vaccine appointments include a basic exam and a few minutes to discuss any concerns and recommendations. They are not meant as a substitution for a complete exam and consultation with a regular full service veterinarian.

We are currently accepting new dog patients under 2 years of age and new feline patients under 5 years of age for routine vaccination. Please note that dogs over 1 year of age are not currently accepted for spay/neuter surgery even if they come to the clinic for vaccines. For more information on eligibility for our services, please click here.